Friday, June 17, 2011

Doing It in Public

As some of you may know, Saturday was World Wide Knit in Public Day and I did indeed do it in public. On of the local yarn stores hosted a Knit in Public event at the Farmer's Market and I thought about going. However, I like to do it in public with a good friend so I had breakfast with Nerd Blossom (yes, that is what I'm calling you now) and she watched while I did it. Then she took a picture. *Naughty* [Yes, I officially have the sense of humor of a 13 year old but I crack myself I'm just gonna roll with it. Blame it on the night shift.] Here is said photo:


The project that I am working on is Stephen West's Pogona in Bellamoden's Fahrenheit 451 colorway. Unfortunately, Bellamoden no longer dyes yarn so I won't be able to get any more of this gorgeous yarn. More importantly, check out all of the sugar in the photo. Yes, Nerd Blossom has a problem...a sugar problem! She was spaz-tastic but that is part of her charm.

In other knitting news, I have a photo of the Noro scarf that I completed for Stash Dash in all it's "where did that neon come from?" beauty.


I really think it is the last Noro scarf that I'm going to make. Yes, Noro has beautiful color changes but having to deal with the knots and the thick & thin spots in the yarn just took the joy out of the project. So, dear reader, if you hear me talking about making another Noro scarf please direct me to this post!

Houston, we have an Etsy problem! Well, not really a problem so much as a "I don't need that but I'm totally buying it because it makes me happy" situation. I happened to catch a Piddleloop update and treated myself to a new bag. Okay, it was two new bags. Okay, it was two new, large wedge bags. I know, I know...that was greedy of me and I should feel bad about it, but I don't. When the package arrived, I tore it open and found this inside:


Oh, did you want a closer look?



And how much room does it have?


Tons. I'm a very happy NerdGirl! Until next time, be excellent to each other and knit on dudes.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dashing Through the Stash

Well, The Knit Girllls stash dash is officially underway and so far, so good. Since the dash started 11 days ago I have completed 4 projects of which three were works in progress! I have used 1,362 yards of yarn which doesn't really make a dent in my stash. Oh well. I am really enjoy the knitting and my knitting mojo has definitely kicked into high gear.

Finished Objects:
Chunky Charity scarf v. 1
This is a scarf that will be donated to charity once the weather turns colder & since it is made from an acrylic yarn it will probably go to a local charity. I tend to save the acrylic and superwash wool items for local charities since they are generally going to people that will be machine washing their clothing. I save the wool items that need to be hand washed for charities that are sending the items to people who will be hand washing their clothing, usually due to lack of access to laundry facilities or (in some cases) no indoor plumbing. The scarf doesn't really have a pattern, I just cast on some stitches and used the Ridged Rib stitch from the Knit & Purl Harmony Stitch Guide.

This is the Sockhead hat which is made from a skein of sock yarn. I haven't decided if I am keeping this or putting it in the charity box. It is a long & floppy stocking cap and I really love the way the yarn striped instead of pooling or flashing.

This is just a short, garter stitch scarf that has a nice drape to it. I plan on keeping it as it will go with my navy winter coat. The colors in the photo aren't the best but since I took the picture under the glare of florescent lights, I shouldn't be surprised. The yarn is Colinette Jitterbug which I high recommend. I ripped out the start of three different scarfs before settling on the plain garter stitch and the yarn held up to the abuse.

In other NerdGirl happenings, I attended a family reunion on Sunday. I haven't been to the reunion on this side of the family in probably 20 years so I didn't know a lot of people. I mainly went to see an aunt and a couple of uncles that I hadn't seen in a while. We had a nice visit so I was glad that I went instead of backing out at the last minute because I wasn't going to know most of the people there.

I hope all is well in your neck of the woods and I hope to be back soon with more knitting and other adventures.

Oh the places I've been...