Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Trash or teasure?

You may see trash but my family sees treasure.


This is a cradle that was made by a neighbor for my Great Uncle Russ in 1911 and was last used by my Uncle Dave in 1937. No one knows when exactly the cradle was exiled to a shed but it remained carefully tucked away in the rafters until my Great Aunt Elv died. Her estate went to auction this weekend and a member of the family paid a thousand dollars to ensure that this cradle did not leave the sale with a stranger.

How about your family? Do you have anything that is deeply treasured that, to outsiders, seems like trash?

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  1. My mother went to an estate sale for one of her aunts and her cousin was selling EVERYTHING. My mom paid big bucks to keep some of her grandparents things. My favorite is a portrait of my great grandfather when he was a little boy. You just don't see stuff like that every often.


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