Monday, June 4, 2012

A Nice Day for a White Wedding

On Saturday, I was lucky enough to attend the wedding on a lovely young woman that I have known for many years. She happens to be the daughter of my friend CK who is battling stage 4 breast cancer. The wedding was at Belle Meade Plantation in Nashville which is a gorgeous setting for a wedding. The ceremony was outdoors with the reception immediately following in the carriage house. Fortunately, the weather cooperated and it was sunny with a light breeze and the temperature hovered around 80 degrees. Weddings always make me weepy but this one got me from the moment that I approached the ceremony and was handed a pink ribbon to wear in honor of CK. The ceremony was short but really pulled at the heart strings. The pastor said a prayer for CK and asked all of us to keep the pink ribbon someplace prominent when we return to our homes so that we continue to pray and think good thoughts for CK as she fights cancer. The pastor also read some thoughts on the bride and groom that their friends and family had written for the occasion and it really showed how loved they are. It was a special way to include people in the ceremony and it really emphasized that the marriage isn't just the joining of two people but that, for better or worse, there are a lot of friends and family members that are going to be joined together as well. I took a picture of the table setting at the reception that I will share since I didn't think to get permission to share photos of the bride & groom.


It was a wonderful, but exhausting way to spend the weekend. I worked on Friday night until about 10:30pm, crashed, woke up and drove about 7 hours (including construction traffic) to Nashville, checked into the hotel, got ready for the wedding, drove the the venue, cried like a baby, drove back to the hotel, crashed, got up and drove about 7 hours home. The exhaustion was totally worth it!!!!

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