Friday, September 7, 2012

Today there was knitting and family time

This blog is a bit of a test. I am trying to blog from my phone while sitting in a hotel room. I am traveling with my parents to see family but I opted to stay in a hotel instead of staying with my family. I managed to get some knitting done while at the hotel.

I spent the afternoon and evening with my aunt, uncle, mother and father. We watched a home movie, which normally would be a little boring. However, this movie is from the trip he took in 1959 and 1960. He hitchhiked to New York, stayed there for a week until he could find a job on ship. He worked his way across the Atlantic until they arrived in Sweden. Once there, he hitchhiked across Europe and then made it to the Holy Land. He then hitched to Italy and found work on another ship & worked on the ship for several month before returning to the US. He was gone for 9 months. It was quite the home movie. I can safely say that my uncle amazing!!!

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