Monday, April 2, 2007

Spring has sprung

I love how spring seems to pop up out of nowhere. I spend most of February and March waiting for spring and then one day I go outside and it appears that the seasons changed overnight! I love the first part of spring when the grass has turned, flowers are starting to bloom, and although some trees have budded, most are still bare. Here is a picture that I took at the arboretum on campus.
In addition to getting out of the house and enjoying spring in all its windy glory, I have also been trying to figure out what my next knitting project should be. I bought a book and two patterns on socks, I have a couple of baby afghan patterns (and several sets of friends with new babies), some lace shawl patterns, and a couple of sweaters that I would like to try. I realize that common sense would dictate that I make the baby afghans before the babies get too big but I just bought a beautiful hand carved shawl pin that I paid a lot of money for so I think a lace shawl would help me justify it.
In other news, grandma is still hanging in there but it is hard for me to get an accurate picture of her health since I am still the "baby" of the family and the information that I get has been carefully screened and filtered. I opted not to go to St. Paul to see the Yarn Harlot as I can not imagine having to drive myself the 8 hours it takes to get home if she were to pass. Hope everyone out there is healthy and happy. Until next time...

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