Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Progress...yes! Pictures? Um...not so much

Wow, sorry to be away from the blog so long. I have been very busy and some of it even envolved knitting. Mom and I took our sock class and had a great time. The instructor was just lovely and I am thinking about sending her some Speed Demon sock yarn as a thank you. The class was two sessions but probably could have a third session added on if people don't already know how to knit socks. The instructor said that in her other classes her students had all knit socks before and were just taking the class to learn the Magic Loop method. I am only to the heel flap on the first sock and I am about 10 rows away from making the turn. I need to take a photo of my progress.

I finished the two red scarves that I made for the Orphan Foundation of America and got them mailed off by the due date. Did I take a picture of the two scarves nestled in the shipping box with the cute tags with a message and washing instructions attached? No. I meant to but I was so excited to get the box out that I sealed it before my brain could catch up with my hands.

I started Emily's scarf which is only fair as she has started the painting that she is making in exchange for the scarf. This is the first time that I have used black yarn and it requires a brightly lit area so I will have to abandon some of my usual knitting spots in favor of the couch next to the floor lamp so I can point all three bulbs down at the knitting.

I will be doing training the next three days. Wednesday I will be taking the second of three classes so I can be certified to teach First Aid/CPR/AED through the American Red Cross. A coworker and I are getting certified for work so that we have someone on site that can teach the classes. Thursday and Friday I will be at an IPCSA conference which should be fun but I am not looking forward to the commute to get to the training. I hope everyone is healthy and happy out there and next time I will remember to take photos. ^-^

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