Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Final Package

After a couple of days spent chipping through the layers of ice on my trusty mailbox, I was able to get to my mail and retrieve the final package from my secret pal. Once again my pal has done a wonderful job of selecting just the right items to make me squeal with joy when I opened the package. I didn't notice a card in the package but I am guessing that this package had a theme (the last package was socks) that had something to do with customized items or do it yourself. Here are some photos of the items in my package (except for the chocolate because I ate it all!).

Aren't these the cutest stitch markers you have ever seen? They are custom stitch markers because my pal rocks but the etsy shop that sold them has lots of other cute stitch markers if you want some. In addition to being cute, they seem to be well made so you should get some for yourself or your favorite knitting friend! I can't wait to use them.

Check out this adorable kit so I can make my own little owl. The etsy shop that my pal got them from has a lot of other varieties if you don't fancy an owl. You could make a squirrel, a skunk, or numerous other little delights.

I got this super soft merino yarn (about 1100 yards total) that I am going to use to make a super soft shawl. Plus my pal sent Kool-Aid packets so I can dye it in my favorite colors. I have seen tutorials on Kool-Aid dyeing and had thought about trying it out and now I have no excuse not to give it a shot. She also sent the Seraphim Shawl pattern that I have been drooling over. It is such a beautiful shawl and I was so happy to zip on over to The Loopy Ewe and take it off of my wish list!

Finally my pal sent me the perfect handspun yarn that she made for me. The colors are perfect for me, although due to the sheen of the yarn they didn't photograph too well with my camera. Also, she beaded the yarn with all of these delightful beads that match but aren't too matchy. It is such a thoughtful gift and I will have to think long and hard about what to make with it. Here is a closeup.
So thank you secret pal for knocking this last one out of the park! And if you haven't finished your Christmas shopping, you should check out etsy and support an individual artist/crafter.


  1. Yay! So glad you got the last package. I was worried since they didn't give me a tracking number.

    I did email you, perhaps you didn't read it yet, but the postcard I had written up escaped your package!!! Anyway, if you want to know who I am, my blog is http://stitch-therapy.blogspot.com, and my ravelry is Hattie. :)

  2. that owl thing is too cute!


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