Saturday, November 17, 2007

Hello again

Sorry for the long absence. Work has been horribly challenging and it's sapped my energy for anything other than sleep or escapist TV. Work is still challenging but I decided to just force myself to post or who knows how long my poor neglected blog would languish. I did have a lovely bright spot last weekend in the form of a trip to Indiana to see some some friends. It was wonderful to see them again, to catch up on what life has thrown our way in the last year, and to just have fun and laugh a lot. We got the very exciting news that B & D are expecting their second child at the end of May.

I found out that Holly has taken up knitting. She is working on a pretty scarf for her mom so we did some knitting and talking about knitting that weekend as she and Derrik were gracious enough to let me stay at their house. I waxed poetic about The Loopy Ewe to Holly and I showed her the Dream in Color Classy in Deep Sea Flower that I had just received so she could pet it. It was nice to have someone to talk knitting with in person who understands fiber instead of the people at work who are confused by the concept of being able to easily spend $100 at the local yarn shop. "How much yarn do you need?" What kind of question is that?!?

I discovered a new-to-me artist on Emily Martin, the woman behind The Black Apple. I have two of her prints with a print and two cameo pins on the way. There are at least 16 more prints that I want to get but I am going to try to pace myself. I would love to own some of her original artwork but the one that I wanted sold about 10 seconds after it posted while I was still trying to decide if I could spend the $200 or if I should wait until I get those pesky student loans paid off. You should check out her work and if you are an artist looking for a following, maybe you should give Etsy a try.

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