Friday, January 4, 2008

You express will get wool.

On Wednesday night, a woman that I have worked with for a little over 6 years worked her very first overnight shift. She kept wandering around trying to find something to do as the pace is pretty laid back most nights and there is a little bit of down time to be had. We were talking about how other officers pass the time and I mentioned that maybe she should bring in a craft project 'cause she is a crafty kind of gal. She innocently replied "maybe I will finally teach myself to knit." I was cool and calm and didn't let on how exciting I thought that was. I just mentioned that I knit and she thought it was nice. We changed the subject and I am sure she didn't think anything else about it. On Thursday, I brought in a bag with two balls of wool, needles, and a book (Stitch-n-Bitch Nation) and handed it to her and said that she no longer had an excuse not to learn. She seemed excited by it so maybe she will give it a try. I hope so. Evidently, I am a knitting enabler.

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  1. That's a great story. I wouldn't have been able to play it so cool. Maybe you should teach her.


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