Saturday, November 14, 2009

Internet treasure

D o you ever just wander the internet and find something that feels like a secret-hidden treasure? I stumbled across this site that makes me want to blog more, just so I can use the beautiful letters that artist Jessica Hische has created and generously decided to share with people. The letters make me think of old-fashioned printing styles and worn volumes of old, leather-bound books. Wait...I mean that in a good way, but for some reason it sounds bad. You know, back when books were expensive and fancy and considered a precious commodity? Anyway, if you too are geeked out about fancy letters, you really need to check out her website, Daily Drop Cap.

Have you stumbled into any internet treasures that you'd like to share? Yes, I know this blog post is totally random...but what can I say, I really love those letters!

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