Thursday, March 31, 2011

Epic Meh

So I played around for quite a while picking a new look for the blog and I settled for meh. There were several designs that I attempted that were an immediate and resounding "well that looks like a big ol' pile of vomit" so they went to the internet scrap heap. Over time the enthusiasm waned and I just wanted to be done so I settle for good enough. This seems to be a pattern with me: lots of enthusiasm for a project but if I don't nail it perfectly after a few attempts I just go with the first thing that I don't actively dislike. I should really work on that but (shockingly enough), I can't be bothered.

How about you, oh faithful and likely imaginary reader. Do you ever settle for "meh" because you got frustrated by trying to get it just right? Ugh, I'm officially annoying myself. Let us end on a positive note:  unexpected bonus check! That's right, tomorrow the powers that be are delivering a little bonus check to say thanks for not telling them to shove it and and going out to find a better paying job after not getting a raise for a few years. Yay bonus check!

Also, sensitive gorilla and honey badger. You're welcome.

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  1. Meh is cool. Meh was on Roy's t-shirt once (or twice, or many times) on The I.T. Crowd, and the proper response to Meh is No (for the same reason). I don't think I've ever settled for Meh in general standards, though. But you know I'm a little neurotic. I like everything to be just so and very specific. That being said, I like the look of the new blog. It's very bright and the colors are very you. I think it's cool that we both redid our blogs with better interpretations of ourselves. LOL - that makes us seem totally Yin and Yang - you bright and happy, and me doom and gloom. Hee hee!!!


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