Friday, April 1, 2011

A little bit of yummy in my mouth

So today I left work and decided that I wanted to treat myself to a little something to celebrate the bonus check. I decided that I would stop at the downtown cupcake store that I have been wanting to try for, like, 2 years. Why haven't I tried it? Well, I live in a rut and I don't really like to deviate too much. A new place means new people, new foods, new experiences: scary!!! So, I pulled up my big-girl boots and just did it. What was my reward? A little bit of yummy called a S'mores cupcake. My best guess at it's composition is a graham cracker crust topped with chocolate cake and "frosted" with marshmallow creme & mini marshmallows that were hit with one of those fancy torch thingies that all the cool foodies use.  So good.  Now dear readers, go forth and treat yourself to a little something today. Consider it a reward for putting up with all the ridiculous jokes or lame pranks you had to suffer through today.


  1. I freaking love cupcakes- that one sounded amazing! What I might love even more than cupcakes themselves, is the frosting on top of said cupcake.

    Yes, I'm very healthy.

  2. I have to agree that good frosting is key. There is nothing more tragic than a beautifully decorated cupcake that tastes like paste because the bad frosting. Well, you know...homelessness and stuff but in the world of baking, bad frosting is as tragic as it gets.

  3. And where was this cupcake shop on Saturday?


Oh the places I've been...