Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Preparing for battle

I'm in training right now for a 5K.

A Stash Dash 5K. I am gathering up my unfinished objects and works in progress so that I can finish those up and I am also winding some stash yarn and plotting and planning new projects. The Stash Dash is something The Knit Girllls are doing in their Ravelry group. I'm more of a yarn collector than a knitter so hopefully this will be the push I need to stop collecting beautiful yarn and start making stuff!

I have gone on a bit of an Etsy spree to get project bags for my new projects. Yes, I should be emptying out old project bags before I start any new projects but I'm a fickle knitter who has to have many, many things going at the same time so I don't get bored out of my mind. Plus, I wanted new stuff. I would show you pictures of the bags but my camera is charging in preparation for the Stash Dash and I want to get this blog post up, so no photos! (And before you ask, no. Patience is not one of my strong points.) You will see the bags eventually when I post project photos but I will go ahead and link the stores now if you want to poke around the Etsy shops. The green hippo bag came from Piddleloop, The cupcake bag came from Vegancraftastic and the dinosaur bag came from Fibernymph. All three stores provided great customer service and the bags are really well made so if you are looking to treat yourself, you can't go wrong with any of them.

Now, back to plotting and planning...

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