Monday, December 26, 2011

My Brother's Superpower

I have always known that my brother had a gift. When it comes to cooking, he doesn't need a recipe and when he has one, he often finds a way to improve it. He is a gifted cook. My mom used to make fudge at the holidays but now my brother does it because of his gift. He never seems to make a bad batch. What is a bad batch of fudge? It is dry and crumbly and gritty. This is the only kind of fudge I have ever made. This year, my brother added caramels to his repertoire and that was his mistake. The caramels are perfect, just like the fudge. I am on to him. He is alter ego is Captain Sweet Tooth and desserts are his superpower.


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  1. It looks delicious!!!!! :)
    Please come check out our blog. Thanks!

    Two Ergophobics.


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