Thursday, March 8, 2007

Best laid plans

So when I started this new night rover position at work I had all these ideas about the extra down time I would have at work. I would knit, catch up on correspondence with friends, read books, and occasionally I would have a project to work on. Not so much! Right now I am elbow deep in a project that is both fascinating and frustrating. I am looking up and documenting the criminal histories of the family members of juvenile delinquents. With just four families, I had 22 typed pages of police contacts and court cases...that is just nuts! I am glad to have a project to work on but this one is a tad bit depressing and just enforces my opinion that the criminal justice system is broken. Also, with the volume of contacts, a project that I thought might take three days is going to take more than a week and that is with a couple of people helping out. At least it makes the night fly by quickly. I guess that is what I get for thinking that maybe I could sneak in a way to get paid for reading or knitting! Until next time...try not to get arrested because someone, someday, may have to add it to a huge monster list. Oh yeah...also, breaking the law is bad or something!

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