Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Tuesday and taxes

I finally stopped procrastinating and completed my taxes over the weekend. You would think that I would have done then a month ago when I got my W-2s since I always get a refund but I have been in such a rut that I kept putting it off. Now that it is done, I don't have the gnawing dread that something horrible is going to happen to my W-2s [fire, giant hairball, etc...] every time I leave the house. {I tend to be a bit paranoid because work has made me believe in the power of the jinx!}

This morning I sent out my photos for the Black and White photo swap. I hope that the photo swaps come around again during the spring and summer when I am more inspired to get outside and take some wacky photos. Right now it's more of a take the quickest shot and get back inside thing.

I bought a DVD by Lucy Neatby and at some point I am going to try to teach myself how to knit socks. {Does it count as teaching myself if I use a DVD?} It seems like a great idea because socks are such a portable project. My only concern is getting the second sock done...of course, I could always just wear mismatched socks and pass it off as a personality quirk instead of admitting that I am just lazy when it comes to finishing a pair of socks. I guess maybe I should learn how to knit socks before I tackle the quandary of the second sock, huh?

Until next time...finish your taxes. You'll feel better, I promise*. [*promise void if you owe on your taxes]

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  1. eh, pfft... taxes... overrated! :)

    i'd go with personality quirk - cos we both know i'm lazy.


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