Thursday, February 15, 2007

Back to normal-ish

Well, the streets have been plowed [sort of] and my work commute is back to the normal time so Mother Nature has given us a temporary reprieve until the next snow storm hits this weekend. Today I saw the aftermath of what can happen when people drive too fast and too close while the roads are still covered in compacted snow and ice. The accident happened in my blind spot while I was sitting at a red light. I heard a mild crunching sound and I turned around to see in my blind spot and there was a car with a dent in the fender and a car that was flipped onto its side so all you could see was the bottom of the car as it faced into traffic. I called 911 (and evidently so did about 20 other people with cell phones) and the woman that answered was pretty brusque. She sounded very much like it was a huge inconvenience to answer the call...I was hoping for someone who sounded a tad more concerned. Hopefully no one was seriously injured. The accident didn't make the news so I think that bodes well for the parties involved.

I sent out my Photo Scavenger Hunt swap today and it is traveling all the way to the United Arab Emirates. Today I got some lovely pictures from the Beautiful Skies swap, hopefully the next batch will be just as pretty.

I promised you some photos of the snow so here they are:

This one is after the storm and it is the employee entrance at work.This the public entrance after we cleaned off the sidewalk.

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  1. man... that looks like my back porch here in fishers!!


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