Sunday, February 11, 2007

A little progress

Congrats to Amber and her husband Kevin on their baby girl who was born at the end of January. I still have the baby shower present that really need t0 get out; I took it to the post office and none of the boxes fit so I needed to try to scrounge up a box that will work so I can get it in the mail. If I had know the flu was going to strike me down and prevent me from attending the baby shower I would have just had the gift shipped directly from the store. Maybe I can get it accomplished tomorrow before I start my new shift. Tomorrow, I will begin as the night rover which means I work Monday through Friday from midnight until 8am unless someone needs me to cover their night shift...then I work their shift from either 4p-2:30a or 6p-6a depending on when we start 24/7 coverage.

Okay, so I have been pretty lazy this weekend: I only worked on my gray wrap for about an hour and I didn't work on the hat at all. Of course, I am at the 5" that Brigitte said to make the hat so I guess I am technically off the hook for that one until class on Tuesday night. I have spent the week-end watching movies [Sherrybaby, The Devil Wears Prada, and Jesus Camp], watching TV on DVD [Bones, Season One], and re-reading some books [Harry Potter books 5 and 6]. I should have done something productive with my weekend or at least I should have spent some time with friends but I was feeling pretty grungy and when I feel like that, I just like to be alone. I need to finish my photo scavenger hunt for Swap-bot because I need to mail it out soon! I also have a Beautiful Skies swap to do but I already have the pictures done for that one; I just need to have them printed and sent out.

Oh, here is a picture of the gray wrap so far:

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